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Traveler's Company | Traveler's Notebook | Passport | Brown

Travellers Notebook has a leather cover which becomes softer with use and as it has not been chemically treated, the use of this notebook will represent your travels. The simplicity of the design allows you to create your own world and it is hoped that it tempts you to go travelling with this in your hands.

Write down whatever you feel or perhaps a thought you had while in a cafe you have dropped into during your travel and all these will later become treasured memories. Also useful for taking to school or work everyday. Refills are easily inserted and as you can see, there are many styles available.

Established in 1950, Japanese design house Traveler's Company creates addictive, creatively designed stationery objects in sophisticated designs that combine beauty and functionality.

You can start using the notebook as is, but by adding a zipper case or a pen holder, you can increase its storage capacity. If you add a connecting band, then you can even increase the number of notebook refills that go inside the notebook.

The structure of the notebook is simple, so it’s easy to add charms and beads on to the rubber band. We also recommend adding used post stamps on the cover of the notebook.

This is a notebook where you can customize it freely, and the longer you use it, the more the taste and texture of the leather deepens, making carrying it around fun.

Finished with an ultra-soft leather case and re-fillable page.

Perfect for any intrepid traveller

Unpacking your Midori notebook, you will find
  • Regular size starter kit
  • High quality leather cover (H134mm x  W98mm x D10mm)
  • Includes plain notebook (64 pages, saddle stitched) 
  • Cotton carry bag

FEATURES: Fountain Pen Friendly. Smooth MD Paper. Refillable. Beautifully Packaged.