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Kaweco Classic Skyline Fountain Pen | Macchiato | F

Presented in a Kaweco Metal Gift Box

Kaweco Classic Skyline closely follows an original 1935 octagonal design - “Small in the packet, large in the hand”.

The Skyline features the Kaweco logo in chrome-coloured metal on the end of the cap, a robust body and stainless steel iridium-tipped nib. These make it a hard-wearing, long-lasting pen. It is also a relatively short pen until you unscrew the cap and configure the pen for writing. The shortness of the pen when not in use means its protective metal box can be more compact. The pen is compatible with Kaweco cartridges and comes with a blue cartridge.

Designed in 1930’s Germany, when ‘sporty’ meant smaller, lighter and nimbler and to be contemporary meant using at least one of the newly developed materials. Now classics, these pens retain the design aesthetic that makes them vintage yet contemporary and effortlessly timeless.