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Handmade Brazilian Paper | Marbled | Brown and Green | 80GSM

The marbled papers produced by Renato Crepaldi are a result of an ongoing exploration of the relationship between an ancient technique and modern materials. Most of his papers are morphologically based in the historical and traditional marbled patterns, and are produced by using the same techniques, tools, and some of the materials used in the production of the early papers, during the 18th and 19th centuries.

The production method is based on the carragheen size technique, introduced by Josef Halfer in the 1880s, only differing in the use of the paint. The choice to work with acrylic paints is for it produces, after it dries, a waterproof and stable film, which is more resistant against rubbing and moisture than the traditional watercolour. The paints are of artist grade and the palette is formed only with pigments rated as excellent and very good light-fastness.


Weight | 80GSM 

Full Sheet Size | 66cm x 94cm

Half Sheet Size | 66cm X 44cm