Christmas Ornamental Ball

Christmas Ornamental Ball

It's the season to be merry!

With Christmas around the corner, you might be looking to do something nice for the tree that's not just another purchase from the store.  With Kami Japanese paper, some round pins and a styrofoam ball, you can make a Christmas Ornament to go with a Christmas note for a special friend. 

You will want to thread the ribbon through the center of the styrofoam ball with a knitting needle or similar.  This makes for a nicer finish and a more secure ribbon for hanging.

I borrowed my daughter's craft puncher from Daisoh (it's only $2.80 and comes in a variety of shapes) and invited her to punch out all the Sakura flowers while I pinned them to the styrofoam ball.

The pins I found at home worked but were a little too long.  A quick search online informed me that shorter pins can be bought on eBay for few dollars. 

We were quite pleased with the result and our joined effort. 

For variety you can try different combinations of ribbons, flowers, and shapes, or you can make your tree extra memorable by having everyone in the family contribute one for hanging!