Rediscover the essence of yourself as a conscious existence.

Expression of thought, your point of view, a message you want to bring to the world, it all stems from the fundamental human drive to create.

We managed to transcend the spoken language with the ultimate invention of "words that stay," which ultimately evolved into the modern state of writing and paper.

In art, commerce, and society, paper is so ubiquitous, and yet an indispensable part of it. We draw facets of wisdom and scrawl casual notes on it.

We at Kami have always understood this, and now we want to share this with you through our newest series of papercraft workshops.

Explore all the different arts through paper with us, and develop an appreciation of this medium that would rival any wine class, and easily surpass it with a history that goes back eons.

From handmade gifts to appreciating the finest sheets of specialty paper at a touch, the skills you will gain will open your eyes to brand new artistic vistas.

Watch our workshop video here: 

Available Workshops